Our Mission: Innovation in Cybersecurity

Q-East Software has built 15 years of excellence in delivering top IT&C services, as the only authorised Quest™ distributor for Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria and the Adriatic Region. With vision and expertise, Q-East Software manages to provide state of the art solutions for systems management, database security and applications management for the use of both private and public organizations. Starting with 2016, Q-East Software is Quest™ Preferred Partner.

Q-East Software approaches the cybernetic space as the fifth dimension of the national security space and considers it equally important to the other four existing dimensions – terrestrial, naval, aerial and cosmic. For over a decade, Q-East Software has been a pioneer in promoting cybersecurity solutions and has remained close to all visionary companies, which are aware that data management and protection must be a high priority in their development policies.


Server Implementations

In the field of cybersecurity and security standards compliance, Q-East Software implements security and event-log management solutions, reaching over 2,000 server implementations, for the best use of 10,000 beneficiaries.

Given the ever-changing and increasingly risky information environment, the company distinguishes itself by the efficient implementation of management and disaster recovery systems for IT infrastructures. It also provides intelligent security solutions for critical platforms and for user identity and access management.



Our Holistic Cyber Defense Strategy

How We Do Things

Nowadays, an organization, even with its set of perfectly tuned rules and protocols and efficiently supervised business instruments, cannot be truly considered a safe environment, one that is well prepared for aggressive cyber attacks or natural disasters.

Unfortunately, these threats can easily become real-life nightmares, whether we like it or not.

If we are to do a reality check, we have to admit that just a limited number of companies can be considered fully aware of the vital importance of advanced protection of data, systems and applications. Let’s stop for a moment and think of a completely new approach, one in which we have 100% secured IT infrastructures, we are proactive in managing daily risk, and not prone to reactive, rudimentary solutions to adversity.

For these companies, our holistic cyber defense strategy is comprised of the solutions described in the image on the right.

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