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“Smart Investigator is the ultimate security investigation solution. It is like a breath of fresh air for classical SIEM tools. Both intuitive and easily approachable by policy makers at all levels. Properly equipped to fit the latest hi tech requirements. With a significantly higher responsiveness. All in all, a very comprehensive tool, created by Romanian software engineers, which brings quick problem-solving skills to daily cases managed by our security teams.”

Catalin Gabriel Dumitru Head of eGovernance Development and Technical Support Department

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“The cyber defence of public institutions and private companies which are under our surveillance as security standard is a matter of critical importance. Once we discover a security breach, if we don’t act in minutes, it can cause major breakdown in critical infrastructures. Using Smart Investigator to increase the operational performance for our security officers and the time needed for effective analysis, clearly helps us save the day. This solution has the desired agility to offer fast responsiveness in case of a cyber attack, an advantage that obsolete technologies can no longer promise.”

Costin Burdun Deputy CEO at CERTSIGN SA

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