Premiere for the Romanian IT security software industry

Q-Smart Software launched Smart Investigator, an innovative product that enables the monitoring and the investigation of security incidents in real time.

Following the latest worldwide technologies used in preventing and combating cyber attacks, Q-East Software presented at the “Communications Day” event, a proprietary solution, designed to provide fast and efficient security investigations. The solution is called Smart Investigator and it’s an innovative product designed for any company that has implemented a SIEM solution (Security Incident and Event Management), allowing the monitoring and investigation of security incidents, using an advanced search module and graphically displayed results for optimum decision making.

Smart Investigator, a project co-founded by the European Union

The platform created by Q-East Software experts consists of a complete investigations module with high performance features meant to quickly identify security anomalies, instant search, intelligent data filtering, visualisation and reporting according to the most recent standards on the market. 
The project falls in line with the integrative vision that the Q-East Software experts share, that to increase the know-how held by Romanian companies and state institutions in cyber security. “We are obliged to identify and define the weaknesses of our cyber systems, not to take lightly the indicators and the information that we have, especially our partners’ needs, which result from the realities they face. Unfortunately some problems, if not most of them, are recognised only the moment after the damage is irreparable,” concludes Marius Sticlaru. The Smart Investigator project was implemented with European Funding from the National Authority for Scientific Research, the Sectoral Operational Programme – Increase of Economic Competitiveness.

With 14 years of experience, Q-East Software, alongside Dell Software, has managed to gradually strengthen the appeal of companies and institutions within the region, regarding cyber security and critical infrastructure protection, by providing the appropriate IT solutions to existing and new challenges.

Article published in Q-Magazine, 13.05.2015