Q-East Software launched Smart Investigator, the platform for fast and efficient IT security

How did business start in 2015 for Q-East Software?

With many plans, forecasts, initiated projects, in a few words, at full power. 2014 was a good year, with things starting to improve in the marketplace. We are actually living the best days in terms of new product launches. I may even say we’re on the big wave of innovation from this point of view. Technology develops exponentially day by day, and what we do best, here at Q-East Software is to facilitate the integration of these new tools and expertise into the IT infrastructure of our country and of the region.

How would you characterise the ICT market in 2014?

For us, 2014 was the year when things began to get back on track. The crisis years of 2012-2013 brought many uncertainties, but also created a natural filter for those equipped to survive in this dynamic market.

In 2014, the public sector, previously paralysed by the crisis, started to retake investments in the ICT sector, whereas in the private sector, managers could finally look more confidently into their own budgets and reconsider making some strategic investments that will generate long-term effectiveness and relieve the burden of operational costs. As a result of a post-crisis economy, a more cautious behaviour was born and managers became to be rather drawn to solutions that in time produced actual results. We noticed also some enthusiasm in the SME sector, a sign that Romanian entrepreneurs were starting to seek scalable technologies, which were until recently, only targeted by multinational companies. We are looking forward to witnessing the development of this market segment.

What novelties brought 2014 to Q-East Software?

A greater focus on resources and capabilities, which resulted in our expansion in the software development area. And in this regard, I would like to speak about the innovative platform that we recently launched – Smart Investigator – created to monitor and investigate IT security events in companies and institutions.

Smart Investigator is an European Union project financed by the National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, Sectoral Operational Program “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (SOP-IEC).

We are proud to say that we now own a 100% Romanian security solution, which we began to successfully market in early 2015 and is already enjoying very good ratings from security managers and IT compliance professionals in Romania. We plan to sell it internationally as of the third quarter of the year.

What does Smart Investigator actually do? Can you give us more details about the platform?

Smart Investigator is an integrated software-hardware solution that can be installed alongside traditional SIEM systems. Basically, it can accurately and quickly identify security incidents through multi-platform data correlations. Built with NO-SQL technology, it has a next-generation search function, that can dig through data feeds in seconds, with defined user criteria. 
The reporting function is designed to fit the requirements of the latest industry standards: ISO 27001, COBIT, FISMA, HIPAA, PCP / DSS, SOX. All platform modules are available through a user-friendly graphical interface.

Given all the efforts invested in research and implementation, we wanted to obtain a solution that can simplify the work of security managers and IT compliance professionals. Cost efficiency was also an objective. Smart Investigator benefits from unlimited built-in horizontal scalability. We wanted to create the perfect tool for optimal decision making, as quickly and accurate as it can possibly be.

So the transition from software distribution to software development was a natural step. What further plans do you have in this regard? 

More than being a natural step, I see it as a combination of skills. In nearly 15 years of activity, we have built a reputation and a name in the market as Dell Software Group Master Distributor, receiving afterwards the Support Providing Partner title. Currently we are fully integrated with Dell Software in terms of know-how, certifications and software-hardware solutions distributed in Romania and within the region. We recently received the “Best Business Integration” award within Dell Excellence Gala, an event that marked 10 years of activity in Dell Romania.

We are currently very active in the area of hardware distribution, servers especially, Unified Thread Management, storage, workstations, because we aim at providing fully integrated hardware-software solutions, both functional and flexible.

Overall, we remain consistent with our mission to increase security in the critical infrastructures we manage and thus continue to bring the latest solutions in data management, access management, virtualisation management, cloud security, backup and recovery, infrastructure management (servers, desktop and mobile devices), etc. One of our very popular products in the area of ​​cybersecurity in Romania is SonicWALL, for which we organise regular training seminars. We have an increased focus on ​​mobile security as well, as it currently needs further development in our country.

What do you expect in 2015 on the ​​business side?

Since the beginning of the year we started multiple projects which made us very confident and motivated to continue what we began: to increase the adoption of new cyber technologies for private companies and institutions in Romania, through dedicated solutions and reliable know-how, as we have done so far. Our ambition is to align Romania at the use of unique and reliable technologies, which help increase access for organisations of any size to scalable IT infrastructures, which are easily controlled and monitored.

Article appeared in CyberSecurity Trends 22/03/2015.